Key Reasons to Work With Us 

Only Anderson Audio and Video employees work on your project: We never sub out. This means your project and property will be in safe hands. All of our pre-screened employees receive comprehensive technical and customer service training. Our employees are dedicated to treating your property and possessions with the utmost care and consideration. We'll also work around your schedule. In fact, we've completed several commercial jobs in the middle of the night so you can run your business without interruption.

You always have someone to turn to: Every Anderson Audio and Video installation has a dedicated project manager and a systems designer. Their jobs are to know your system inside out, and to be your first line of contact if you every need to make changes, switch up the schedule or if you have a concern. At Anderson Audio and Video, we focus on building relationships and getting personal knowledge of your preferences and requirements – this is why you will almost always work with the same designers, project managers and technicians that did the initial work on your property.

Special requests are our specialty: If you have a challenging project, we want to talk to you! Over the years, customers have trusted Anderson Audio and Video to solve problems that seemed unsolvable. Solutions to most problems are resolved with a lot of research and a lot of know how.

So it's convenient for you, we do a lot of the work in our offices: Instead of doing the bulk of the rack equipment installation and programming on site, we do most of it in our offices. We can deliver pre-configured racks that just need to be plugged in and set up. This helps to significantly cut down on the time we are at your home or business, which increases customer convenience. Plus, it's just cool to hear music the day after your speakers were cut-in.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Every company says this, but we actually mean it. And our guarantee goes beyond mere satisfaction. We want you to be blown away, ecstatic, fanatic fans of our work.

From courteous treatment of you, your property and possessions – to the best technical implementation experience and products in North Carolina, we'll do everything we can to give you a phenomenal experience. And we mean that. If you ever have a concern about our technology, our implementation or anything else, Lester Anderson, our owner wants to hear from you. Let us address your concerns as soon as possible.